Locally, and hopefully nationally soon, Linked Thru Love is an advocate for birth mothers of all ages. We travel to every hospital in the Front Range to help Birth Moms make the transition to every day life.

  • Team-building outings for corporations
  • Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds
  • Trivia Night Fundraiser
  • Educating Seminars for Nurses

Heidi Russo


& Birth Mom

Whimsey Paint & Sip

Feb. 9, 2017 - Canvases come to life as LTL hosts its first official LTL fundraiser of the year.

Approximately a dozen amateur artists joined co-founders Jami and Heidi by coming out strutting their skills and letting their paint brushes do their magic all the while raising money for LTL Thursday Night at Whimsey Paint & Sip Art Studio in Westminster. A fun night was had by all, painting "Key To My Heart". To See More images from the evening, click here.

Our Mission

I have a passion for entertaining,
fervor for travel, a heart for the
adoption process and I am a BirthMom.

Breaking Stereotypes by helping Birth Mothers

Linked for Life Through Extraordinary Love

Linked Thru Love

I am an avid football fan, a lover of eating dessert before dinner, and a proud BirthMom.

Your Support is welcome

It is a difficult decision to place a child for adoption which is why our year-round goal is to help birth mothers feel proud of their decision. Help stock our gift bags and see

first-hand the people we help daily.



Jami Marcantnio


& Birth Mom

Meet Our Founders


Nonprofit organization serving, loving, supporting, elevating and honoring Birthmoms in Colorado. Helping Birthmoms realize their value in the adoption triad and changing the stigmas and stereotypes that have plagued Birthmoms for decades. Linking arms with Birthmom-Adoptive Mom-Adoptee as we are linked for life through extraordinary love.

Hope in Action

  • Going to local hospitals
  • Taking donations large and small
  • Giving back to those in need
  • Birth Mom Workshops

Our team in Colorado needs your support in any way you can. Gifts for our gift bags or money to help us to be able to purchase items for our bags, anything and everything helps. Make your contribution now.

For several years, Linked Thru Love has devoted its energy to passionately advocating Birth Moms, in their 3-way connection along with the Child placed and Adoptive Mother, in the world today. Find out how you can celebrate Birth Mothers through donations of money and time.




Birth Moms beyond guilt and shame, to a place of honor by helping them realize​ their value in the adoption triad...

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