Linked Thru Love

As Birth Mothers, and having been in these womens' shoes ourselves, we have a heart for these courageous women as we know what their lives have been like. We want to change the stereotype of women who place in society, lifting them up and showing how their selfless act is one of courage rather than one of shame in their lives.

Heidi & Jami

Foundation timeline

February 2015 - Linked Thru Love has it Official Public Launch held at Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette, Colorado.

July 2015 - Inaugural "On the Links For Love" fund raising Golf Tournament held at The Broadlands Golf Course in Broomfield, Colorado. Please see images from this great event here.

February 2016 - Linked Thru Love holds its first quarterly gathering, helping support Birth Moms with their post-adoption life. 

November 2016 - The organization plans to hold it's Inaugural Trivia Night fundraiser later this year in an effort to raise money for the high-end gift bags they deliver to area Birth Moms. 


No gift is too big or too small. If you would like to donate with a gift or money, we will make sure we use your donation in the best way possible.

Roberto Marcantonio
Graphic Designer & Web Master

Marcantonio is an experienced graphic designer with more than 15 years in the field behind him. In the past, Marcantonio had worked with Fortune 500 companies for client projects as well doing design work for referred clients one-on-one for his own personal satisfaction. He has extensive experience with graphic design in both print and online capacities, using methods and tools to produce marketing pieces, corporate visual identities, web advertisements and client deliverable efforts. Managing graphic projects of varying complexity, he works well with the team and enjoys pro-actively providing the ultimate graphic experience to meet Link Thru Love’s requirements. Marcantonio graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Digital Design from Colorado Technical University in 2010.

mission & vision

Elevating BirthMoms beyond guilt and shame, to a place of honor by helping them realize their value in the adoption triad.

our leadership team

Linked for Life Through Extraordinary Love

GIFT BAG program

Our gift bag program is our way of lifting Birth Moms, leaving them with something to walk away from the hospital with their heads held high.

Our founders